Core Music | Our Shop
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Our Shop

In our shop, you’ll be greeted with a friendly welcome. We try to create an environment where no one feels embarrassed about asking a question or trying out an instrument.

Acoustic guitars on sale
Electric guitars on sale
Acoustic guitars on sale

Our staff and volunteers have a vast wealth of experience of all sorts of aspects of the music world and will give you honest, unbiased advice. Our prices are competitive and we won’t sell you something we don’t think you need. By shopping at Core Music, you will be supporting a community music organisation. Our profits don’t line shareholders’ pockets, they make it possible for more people like you to learn, play and listen to music.

Our shop may be physically small, but it’s perfectly stocked! While we concentrate our stock on the instruments and accessories that are most popular with our local customers, we can order in a huge variety of musical items across a wide range of brands.