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  • There‘s something about the music business – perhaps about the arts generally – that has an irresistible attraction. How else to explain the fact that so many talented people try to make it in this hi

  • People often say to me, ‘You’re a hip cat who knows where it’s at. Tell me how you got that cool music, dude.’ Well, I know that’s what they mean… but what they actually say is, ‘What’s that, th

  • Great live… can’t listen to them Here are some names to conjure with: Guthrie Govan, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Martin Simpson. Find them on the Interweb and marvel. Each is a virtuoso,

  • So my father was saying to me (several decades ago), “That’s not proper music. It all sounds the same anyway.” It could have been anything I was listening to over a ten-year period. I have since made

  • If you ever feel the need to fit a quart into a pint pot, Brian Bell’s your man. He’s the bassist with the North East’s ceilidh supergroup Whapweasel and local folk-rockers Hadrian’s Union; a Morris d

  • If you play in a Beatles covers band, best look away now. There’s no way to say this other than straight out: no-one should ever cover a Beatles song. I recognise that in this, as in so many walks of

  • Last night I went to see BBC and Observer film critic Mark Kermode talking about his life as a musician – as recounted in his latest book How Does It Feel?: A Life of Musical Misadventures. It’s not w

  • It’s our Deserted Island Records event with David Oliver tomorrow evening, Wednesday 30 January at 7.30 pm, where you can find out all about the eight records that make David tick. But how does

  • A County Durham childhood to Core Music via a career in London’s music business has been an eventful journey for Dan Coggins, guitar teacher and co-founder of The Shining Levels   Dan Coggins was