Dan Coggins

I first took classical guitar lessons aged 11 and after receiving an electric guitar for Christmas, progressed to folk, blues, rock, country, jazz etc.

Aged 14 I began teaching friends and relatives and by 16 was gigging around the N.E.. When I was 20 I relocated to London with a band and have played and taught professionally ever since.

I’m a published songwriter and have extensive experience of recording, gigging and touring (throughout UK, Europe and further..) with major-label and independent artists. I am active in music writing and production and occasionally run workshops in these disciplines.

As well as performing, writing and recording I’ve worked for many years in the business of music and media. For over 10 years I’ve freelanced in TV (mainly with BBC Music) and Film production and held management roles at a large record label.

I feel lucky that my passion for music has enabled me to travel the world and meet many interesting people and artists. As a tutor and Director at Core Music I hope to inspire others to experience some of the many positive benefits that music can bring.

Dan Coggins
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