Music Lessons

We have a wide range of freelance instrument tutors using Core Music as their base for one-to-one tuition. Working across a variety of instruments, playing styles and musical genres, there’s a tutor for everyone!

Being freelance, the tutors set their own rates for tuition, but if you’re after a ballpark figure, the going rate is around £14–15 for a half-hour lesson.

If you’d like to have instrument lessons at Core Music, get in touch using the form below. Please be aware that there is often a waiting list for lessons on the most popular instruments. At the moment, drums and piano are the most oversubscribed, but we do everything we can to make space in schedules and get people learning as quickly as possible!

Guitar (acoustic, electric & classical)

  • Dru Irving
  • Dan Coggins
  • Martin Eastwell
  • Shaun Grant
  • David Halton
  • Giles Strong

Bass Guitar

  • James Robson


  • Andrea Barnes
  • Mary Finlinson


  • Roberta Ritson


  • George Hutton
  • Francesca Knowles
  • Jack Ruddick
  • Dan Ward

Violin (folk & classical)

  • Malcolm Bushby


  • Andrea Barnes