Roberta Ritson

My teaching room is a safe space where you are encouraged to be expressive and creative with your voice. I give honest and warm feedback, but there are no rigid rules or labelling. My starting point is gratitude for the person that you are and the instrument is YOU.

I enjoy both working with hesitant beginners and also with people taking advanced exams across a range of musical genres. Networking with other teachers enables me to learn from those with different specialisms. While I admire people who work magic with large groups of singers my strength is individualised tuition, work on your solo voice in a way that matches your aspirations and personality.

Originally I was a classroom teacher. Taking my diplomas in singing teaching has opened new doors as well as helping me to become more playful and adventurous. I have struck gold in finding some very wise mentors along the way and I hope to pass on insights to those I teach.

Please visit my website if you’d like to find out more

You’ll also find some quirky composition, inspired by the excellent song writing classes offered at Core Music.

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