It All Sounds the Same!

So my father was saying to me (several decades ago), “That’s not proper music. It all sounds the same anyway.” It could have been anything I was listening to over a ten-year period. I have since made a point of not saying the same thing about my son’s taste in music; I did occasionally think it (though not as often as I did about my wife’s playlist of George Michael’s tunes) but I never said it. No patronising parental attitudes in my house, oh no.

So far, so self-congratulatory but two things need to be said. First, my son’s taste in music is different from mine but not by a million miles, so it was easy to be a right-thinking father. Second, there is a whole genre of music that does all sound the same to me.

The other day I was ferreting around the CD collection (a rare event in these days of downloads) and I came across one I didn’t recognise. Ever curious, I put it on. Ten minutes later I was wondering when the wishy-washy wandering melodiousness would end and the thing would get going. It all sounded the same to me.

That apparently aimless meandering was none other than Beethoven’s Concert for Violin and Orchestra in D major, No. 61. My father would call that proper music.

I thought I was being clever, not repeating the mistakes of my parent’s generation. Actually, I don’t think I’m any more broad-minded about music than they are.

– Steve C

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