Some Places to Find New Music

People often say to me, ‘You’re a hip cat who knows where it’s at. Tell me how you got that cool music, dude.’

Well, I know that’s what they mean… but what they actually say is, ‘What’s that, then?’ because we live in Tynedale in 2019, not 1950s New York.

And I say YouTube.

New music is everywhere. You can find it on BBC 6 Music (but am I the only one who gets fed up with them twaddling between tracks?) and Spotify. You can also stream it from Bandcamp and Soundcloud, both originally web-based services for musicians to publish their output. I’m deliberately not mentioning global corporations that have a finger in too many pies already. Doubtless there are hundreds more channels, stations and other niche outlets where, if you’re better informed than this blogger, you can find original creative work. (Tell us which your favourites are in the comments section below!)

Let’s not ignore YouTube though. It’s chock full of original music – overwhelmingly so, which is why you need to find channels that specialise in it. And I recommend you check out six.

For your listening (and viewing) pleasure, give yourself an hour with a computer/phone and find KEXP, Audiotree, The Current, Pirate Studios, Spotlight Music UK and InPhase Sessions.

The first three are from the United States. They have been around for a while and each has a large repertoire of bands and solo artists from Europe and North America. Pirate Studios is UK born and bred and is a great place for Indie and DJs. Spotlight Music UK started in the North East with the admirable ambition of conquering the world; until they do, this is a good channel for performances and interviews with up and coming bands. InPhase Sessions has just been started by a Staffordshire studio and, if its early content is anything to go by, it will turn out to be very good.

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– Steve C

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